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Purpose, Principles, and Adversity with Nick DiNardo

Sept. 7, 2016

Overcoming adversity is like death and paying taxes…We’re all going to have to face it.There’s no getting around adversity Creators.It will come into your life like oxygen into your lungs…The question then becomes…How do you manage adversity?One of the ways we do it is by sharing powerful resources with others…Hint… Hint… Buttons over there ; )After you share this episode…We’ll get into adversity and a lot more in part 2 of my chat with Nick DiNardo…Which leads off in a powerful story on purpose.Here’s some of what you’ll learn about Nick and Adversity on this episode…How purpose drove Nick’s mom to choose her kids best interest over her ownHow purpose helped Nick define his own personal principles(See below for entire list)How does Nick help others overcome adversity?• On his podcast, Sweet Adversity• Through his book, The Game of Adversity• In his mastermind group, 1 on 1 coaching, and professional speaking…“Love as you’ll die tomorrow. Learn as you’ll live forever” – John WoodenNick embraces and embodies the above quote… Which is on his email signature…And in this episode, he explains the importance of you becoming a life-long learner as well…You’ll also learn why I stopped reading in 7th grade… And decided to use books to do calf raises…Until it was the best of times and the worst 477 pages of time as a senior in high school.Damn, that semester was the Dickens…We also discuss why the most influential catalysts behind Nick’s success derive from his investment in himself.But why doesn’t everyone embrace a growth, life-long learning mindset?Because they don’t believe there’s a meaningful return on that investment…Hmmmm… What do you think about that ROI?Here’s how Nick invests in himself…• Reading• Hiring coaches• Being in multiple mastermind groups• Mentors• And a monthly savings account just for traveling to conferences…As Nick describes…Handling and overcoming adversity is 90% mentalThis is why Nick focuses on personal development, being a life-long learner, and continuously investing in himself.What’s the best way to manage a growth and coaching mindset with your partner and other family members?How will self-awareness help you overcome adversity and the day to day struggles we all face?Here’s Nick’s Manifesto of Personal Principles(In no particular order)On the podcast, after listing them, he shares the importance behind you establishing your own principles…1. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes2. Think3. A smile goes a long way4. Be curious5. Stand on the shoulders of giants6. Adversity creates opportunity7. Preparation ensures success8. Do your job9. Serve others10. Be grateful and express it11. Respectfully disagree12. Vulnerability is strength13. Be honest but kind14. Read deeply from good books15. Purpose first then profit16. Respect the process17. Try not to jump to conclusions; be thoughtful18. Pick up a tab19. Be a mentor and a leader20. Give hugs and kisses21. Say I love you to those you care about22. Build your community23. Have an open mind24. Take action, fail, learn, repeat25. Define success in your own way26. Don’t pay attention to the media27. Build something28. Relationships are gold29. Cultivate a growth mindset30. AskNick explains how your purpose provides perspective on establishing your principles in life…Instead of using your goals to guide you on where to go and what to do next…It’s your life principles that will best guide you through adversity and any muddy waters you experience…Goals are short-term. Principles are everlasting.If you need assistance finding your purpose… There’s 2 places you can go right now.1. is inside yourself (Personal Development)2. Is connecting with Nick DiNardoCommit to learning more… And start for free right now on Audible withMan’s Search for Meaning by Victor Franklcreativesuccessshow.com/47For the link to your free trialClick to view: show page on Awesound

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