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Patiently Persistent - Monday Motivation

Sept. 12, 2016

Sometimes we push too hard. I do it. You do it.

And we do it to others… It’s not because we demand it. We expect it.

We expect better…

We expect more…

More from ourselves… More from others… The others around us.

Because it’s time to step up… And it’s always time to hustle. It’s time to go hard.

And here’s something hard I learned about leadership… About influence.

About building a legacy. About building yourself to be a giant.

So that you can lead others to stand on your shoulders when you’re gone.

Show them how… And this starts with persistence.

You can’t ever give up… You’re a leader.

You must keep going. Because when you stop… They stop.

And it all falls apart.

I know… And I know this all too well.

Certainly, you can get back on track… And certainly I’ve needed to. And whether you’re getting back on track…

Or you’ve been nose down… Grinding… Relentlessly… Persistently.

It starts with persistence, yes… But it ends with patience.

When you’re patiently persistent, more doors open.

When you’re patiently persistent, opportunities present themselves.

When you’re patiently persistent, magical things happen.

Some call it coincidence… When it’s really you.

And you’re ability to control the most important thing… You.

Stop. Be patient.

Stop and allow your persistence to work for you.

Patiently Persistent… It’s much easier said than done.

Because in today’s world, how can you not take action?

That’s how you make things happen… But you will make more with patience.

With trust. Do you trust in you?

Do you trust it will happen?

Do you believe your success is inevitable?

Because belief… It’s really a mental state. And so is patience.

It’s calmness, a serenity, a knowing…

Knowing that You are in control.

Knowing that You have done what You need to do…

In this moment, and the next, and the one after that…

Not physically, but mentally… And so mentally, let go.

Let go of that outcome. Let go of expectation of others… Of yourself…

Grab a hold of being content… Content in this moment of choice.

The choice to control the most important thing…

The people who can best control that thing… The most important thing…

. They influence the masses.

They are the leaders who move the mountains…

And so today, have patience…

Patience in your commitment. The commitment to yourself. To your dreams… To the choice.

The choice to take action… And not waver with what happens.

Because you’re patient.

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

But don’t care for what Might happen. Or what does…

Care for you. And what you can do right now.

That is persistence.

And when you power that with the patience…

You will lead today…

You will influence tomorrow…

And you will create your legacy… Forever.

Welcome to Monday

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