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Belief is Behavior's Compound Interest - Monday Motivation

Sept. 26, 2016

Belief is behavior’s compound interest.In terms simplest, that investment’s yield is exponential … Eternally without limits.Because once your behavior bank is beyond a certain point…That’s the point when disappointment doesn’t happen… Not for one instant.Here’s how I know. And I know, it’s about belief.Because when you witness those minor setbacks… You don’t sweat that… See the litmus?Nothing to your positive belief.So what? What do you believe?Because today, choosing through occupation or obligation… That’s how your dreams diminish.You either react to limits… Or anticipate… And choose limitless.Reacting is how you’ll never finish… What you started…That thing, beating hard inside your heart… Can I get a witness?And I guess… The best I can do to impress upon you…How winning this game isn’t about winning in a single instant…Or one opponent…Because you, and who you are, is not dependent upon any single outcome… Any 1 moment.It is though… In just 1.That moment you look back upon your life…The one you’re forced… Realizing… I own this.Will you own regret or abundance?Because in a vault, your success is weightless…And yet it’s heaviest when measured by the number of actions driven with your heart.So start today by making that deposit…Of positive action, not reaction to the day previous.That was then, and YOU can choose today…… And I hope you choose to win…Because always, and forever…Belief… Is your behavior’s Compound Interest.Welcome to Mondaywwwcreativesuccessshow.com/51Click to view: show page on Awesound

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