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60 From Military Jets to Multiple Streams of Income with Matt Miller

Oct. 27, 2016

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Today’s guest on creative success is a military veteran… Flying through the clouds as an air force pilot

After touching back down in the states as a civilian, he transitioned into the corporate world…


After a couple years of achievement in the private sector… He felt something else pulling at his strings.

One day, a friend mentioned what he and his daughter were doing with gumballs…

And his entrepreneurial mind started chewing on that idea.

He always wanted to be an entrepreneur… His own boss…

His experience in the military laid the foundation… But now he was on another mission.

And… It took off!

10 short years later, his little startup is now on the cutting edge of vending and school fund raising.

Making money, creating an empire is important… But there’s more impact behind his mission and business.

Especially in the midst of cut back after cut back… This business model is giving schools back some of their power.

Especially in the world of education, extra revenue can go a long way…

But he’s also providing busy professionals an opportunity to generate secondary streams of income.


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