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61 Change Your Story... Change Your Life #MondayMotivation

Oct. 31, 2016

creativesuccessshow.com/61Changing your life starts with 2 things…What you tell yourself…And what you think about yourself…For one reason or another… Most of us have emotional scarring from childhood.After the tissue grabbers and pity partiers form their allegiance…And decide to continue telling themselves stories of hardship…I ask you… What are you going to do about it?You better do something because if you don’t…That will be the story of your life…Change your story… Change your life.Are you constantly thinking about how your parents weren’t around?How they left you with the babysitters… Or the afterschool program…Or do you remember that time when your teacher, coach, or best friend told you they believe in you?You’re either telling the story of abandonment…Or you’re telling the story of belief.Do you only remember the bullies picking on you?Beating you up? Classmates never talking to you?Or do you remember the always smiling grocery store clerk? The bagger? The crossing guard?They always asked you how your day is…Who helped you safely cross the sidewalk…And make you feel special… Like you matter.Do you think about how hard the tests and homework always were?How much better grades everyone else got?Or do you think about moving on to the next grade? Graduating?Do you think about being held back?Or the opportunities being held back provided you?Do you remember hardship?Or do you remember the blessings?Remember, hardship is a blessing…Because we can grow from it.What perspective do you have about your story?What’s the story you’re telling yourself?Because the stories we tell ourselves sculpt and engrain our beliefs…Our beliefs of self-worth… Beliefs of ability… And talent…The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives…And how we see the world around us…What story have you decided as your own?What story have you chosen that isn’t serving you? That’s holding you back?Change your story. Change your life.And the greatest thing about your story…Is it’s your story!You can change the story you’re telling yourself right now.What story are you telling?Change your story. Change your lifeWelcome to MondayIf you’re ready to start Telling Better Stories…Join the course right here…creativesuccessshow.com/tbsClick to view: show page on Awesound

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