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64 How to Execute through Failures and into Your Success with Thor Conklin

Nov. 11, 2016

For the complete show notes, the Telling Better Stories video course, and all the ways to connect with Thor Conklin…C’mon over to:CreativeSuccessShow.com/64Information without execution is poverty – Tony RobbinsThat’s a quote from Tony Robbins’ latest book…Money: Master the GameFunny thing… Today’s guest is a senior leader for Tony Robbins events!There’s 3 words that are crucially vital to getting anything and everything done.Execution. Execution. And Execution!You can read all day, but that information doesn’t mean squat if you don’t execute on it…Which is what the great Tony Robbins means when he says,Information without execution is poverty.As my guest today on the Creative Success Show says…So many people are looking for that one thing.An app, a new strategy, improved work culture, better employees… Or whatever.If I just had this, that, or the other thing…Everything would be great. Business would be perfect.And we’d be making more money…Thor Conklin has had success after success in his life…And it wasn’t because of an app…It wasn’t because he uses the best time management strategies…It’s because he does one thing better than most everyone else.ExecuteThor executes…So, if you need assistance in making things happen…Maybe connecting with him over atThorConklin.com would be a good idea.He’s not cheap though…But get this…He’s got a money-back guarantee on all of his services if you don’t get a 300% return on your investment!That’s ROI…And really… That’s Execution!Today is Veteran’s Day here in the US. I solute all my veteran brothers, sisters, and everyone who has made the sacrifice of service… Putting others and this nation ahead of your own lives. I am eternally grateful and thankful.If you’re lovin’ this content, please share it with your colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedInYou can tag me on all these platforms with @TannerGersAnd don’t forget about joining Telling Better Stories at:wwwCreativeSuccessShow.com/64Your Partner in Execution & Creative SuccessTannerClick to view: show page on Awesound

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