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66 Significance, Hustle and A View From The Top with Aaron Walker

Nov. 21, 2016

What does a view from the top look like?Inherently, that means you’re on the top…The top of your game, your business, your family, and your life.And when I asked right off the top,What does a view from the top look like?He humorously and seriously replied…Well nobody wants a view from the bottom…Today on Creative Success, I’m introducing you to a new friend… And hopefully a long-time friend…Aaron Walker has quite the story, journey, and hustling mindset…He’s a self-made man who’s now focused on paying that forward…Helping other men become self-made as well.While he’s built significant businesses in the past…Today, he’s building a greater significance.The significance of self.And the significance of others…Sounds simple… And at a basic level it is…But it took both tragedy and triumph… Praying and self-reflection… Before this great man came to this great realization.What will I be remembered for?Many don’t experience and feel the gravity of this question until it’s too late…Until they’re in their final days… When it’s coming to an end…But Aaron isn’t done yet… In fact, he’s far from it.Grab a notepad, lean in, and listen up…As Aaron Walker shows up in a very big way on this episode…As he shares his view from the top.Get Aaron’s free gift for Creators, all the shareable quotes I’ve pulled from this episode, the books Aaron mentions, and much more on the complete show notes at:CreativeSuccessShow.com/66You can follow Aaron on Twitter atTwitter.com/VFTCoachAnd get his free gift at ViewFromTheTop.com/CreativeSuccessClick to view: show page on Awesound

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