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67 Leadership, Legacy, and Never Never Give In with Justin Constantine

Nov. 22, 2016

Leadership isn’t something you’re born with…Leadership is something you earn… Something you gain.There are those individuals who move, think, and behave like “Natural Born Leaders”But real leaders know that they have become who they are… They weren’t born that way.And great leaders respect that they’re standing on the shoulders of giants who came before them…Those giants they learned from, observed, were influenced and mentored by…There’s a lot of factors that go into building a leader…But becoming a leader begins with a decision… Earning and maintaining leadership occurs with the decisions you and I make on any given day.Today’s guest on Creative Success is a very special leader…A hero, a beacon of light for many, and a US marine.During his 2nd year of law school, when he thought the opportunity to serve his country had already closed…A friend unlocked that door…And Justin decided to join the marines…As you’ll find out, there were multiple factors that led to Justin’s next decision to volunteer his service…While in the reserves…I repeat, not on active duty, but in the reserves…He made the decision of taking a volunteer deployment to Iraq in 2006.That’s real leadership Creators.This was during the build-up to the insurgency in Iraq…During some of the most dangerous times to be there.There was a lot of action… A lot of combat.And while on a combat patrol… A sniper shot him in the head!He was declared K.I.A. (killed in action), but he wasn’t done fighting yet.He survived…He shares what that was like… The details of the incident that changed his life…And the decisions he’s making each day to make the greatest positive impact on the world around him.Some of his accomplishments in the past 10 years include being…• A Presidential Leadership Scholar• A Fellow with The Truman National Security Project• The prestigious Lincoln Award• A White House Champion of Change• The All-American Hero AwardAnd he serves on the board of Wounded Warriors, Give an Hour, and SemperMaxHe also is a senior advisor for the US Chamber of Commerce, and directly supports the Hiring Our Heros campaign.Of course, Justin will always be a decorated marine, but today, he’s a motivational speaker, leadership consultant, and most recently published his incredible book:My Battlefield, Your Office: Leadership Lessons From the Front LinesJust reading that long list of accomplishments can be intimidating…Very, very few people can even say they have been awarded one of those prestigious recognitions…But as you begin learning who Justin is and what he stands for…He will help you realize the greatness inside of him is something that is also inside of you…And you will find it if you look deep enough.For all the links to connect with Justin, quotes from this episode, and much more…C’mon over to the complete show notes page atCreativeSuccessShow.com/67Click to view: show page on Awesound

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