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68 Respect and Expectations

Nov. 30, 2016

Respect…Respect Expectations.Because the expectations for yourself will lift you up…And yet your expectations of others…… Can and will let you down.Respect the expectations you set for yourself…… And remove the expectations you have set on others.You can only control yourself.Your thoughts… Your actions.You can’t control anyone else…So how can you ever expect those expectations to be met?Eggs of expectation in someone else’s basket don’t hatch.Nope… And those eggs eventually crack.… So be careful where you put your expectations.There’s only 1 safe place for them…1 safe place for expectations…And that place… It’s inside you.What expectations have you set for yourself?When you’re pointing the finger of expectation…Make sure you’re standing in front of the mirror…… Because that is where expectations are met.That is how things happen…And everything in life? Happens because of leadership.But that leadership… Can only come from inside you.Be the change you want to see…Be the difference that you want to make.And being these changes… These differences… Being this leader?… It will be a lonely road.And that is when maintaining the expectations you’ve set for yourself?That’s when it gets difficult.Expect it to be difficult…… But maintain those expectations for yourself.Expect others to say it can’t be done.And maintain the expectations regardless.Because we’ll rarely get it right the first time…Expect you’ll need to make course adjustments…But never give up on the expectations you’ve set for yourself.That’s where they’re met.Deciding you will or won’t maintain your high expectations…Isn’t up to anyone else.It’s just a choice…And it’s a choice that only you can make.So… What’s your choice today?CreativeSuccessShow.com/68Click to view: show page on Awesound

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