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71 Why Personal Mastery Must Come Before TotalControlFinancial.com

Dec. 15, 2016

Throughout our lives we have major influences…Some good and some pretty bad.Whether we know it or not…We all download the thoughts and beliefs from those raising us.Maybe that’s your parents. Maybe not.But as we grow older…We’re often not aware of these influences…Or how they’re now guiding our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.It’s like a magic spell.A few things inevitably happen…The most common are:Go for broke and chase whatever a successful life looks like to you…Go through the motions living a “normal” life that you’ll eventually regret…Or…You look inside, figure out what your true beliefs are, and truly find yourself.Some call it enlightenment…Some call it personal development…Damion Lupo calls it personal mastery…After you hear Damion tell the story of creating millions in his early career…Then losing it…Get over to TotalControlFinancial.comAnd connect with Damion on LinkedIn here:linkedin.com/in/damionlupoCreators, if you’re not happy with your future financially…I highly recommend connecting with Damion.He’s smart, heart-centered, and just a flat out good guy.Until next time…Your partner in Personal Mastery & Creative SuccessTannerClick to view: show page on Awesound

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