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72 Rip Off the Band-Aid and Stay Out of the Pharmacy with Dr. Phil Carson

Dec. 23, 2016

Another one of your regulars walks up to the counter…As long as you’ve been here… They never miss… Not once.Every month that comes and goes… So do they.There here for one thing…Well, they’re actually here for a few… Because they also want their refills.They didn’t walk up to the bar though…They walked up to the counter at the pharmacy…They want their prescriptions… And they need them.Because instead of fixing the problem…They can just take a pill… At least for the time being.But what if…What if we didn’t have that fix waiting for us?What if we couldn’t go to the pharmacy to pick up those “Band-Aids”?What if instead you had to make the ultimate choice?What would you do?Listen in and listen up Creators…Dr. Phil Carson sits down with us today to discuss health and so much more…The reason it’s so much more is because…We’ve got so much more to Create!And I want you here creating it!Not in the hospital…Not at the pharmacy…Not at the doctor’s office…Not sick lying in bed…I want you doing what you do!That’s Creative Success…Here’s where you can connect with Dr. Phil CarsonGet Dr. Phil Carson’s free gift and stress assessment at:CarsonNatural.com/CreativeSuccessAnd check out all the value Dr. Carson’s dropping onCarsonNatural.comAnd if you enjoyed this episode…There’s a 91% chance your Creator friends and family will too…So share it right now, right over there!Until next timeYour Partner in Long Life & Creative SuccessTannerClick to view: show page on Awesound

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