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Rosa's Hands Remastered

Dec. 31, 2016

Here’s the remastered version for your listening pleasure.Thanks Lucy for reaching out and letting me know :)Silently, her fingers brushed across the skin in the lightest way…Almost as if they actually weren't touching me…And yet felt like they were tickling the tiniest of hairs on my body and face. Usually more than any inch of my skin…… Her hands hold an inviting warmth.The kind of warmth you look forward to at the end of your longest days.Like a body of warm bath water…She calls you to sink into her…Breathe in the steam, and let it all go.And with a vibrating exhale you do.Because you can't help but fall into those hands…But this time, they weren’t warm.They were refreshingly cool.Her infinitesimal touch stimulated my skin……Like a gentle breeze in the late spring…As her wispy fingertips danced across my neck… And down my spine… So did the shivers. And that’s when the Goosebumps decided to make their appearance. My skin whispers back.I don’t want this to end. Not ever…And even as I’m incredibly relaxed…My skin tightens up under her immaculate touch…And we both feel that slight muscle twitch. I don’t know why though…Why that slightest piece of me doesn't want her to know…Know how much I'm enjoying this moment…And how I appreciate her taking all of our time…Moving as slow as she wishes…And as she brushes that one area…The one she has yet to…… My skin tells her fingertips all my secrets.Nothing lasts forever…… I only have so long… Before this ecstasy is gone. Like this moment…We’ve shared this understanding for some time now.But not until this moment…Has the clarity of this awareness saturated my consciousness.For now though… Her love continues. As her breeze brushes across my skin…And my bumps remain intact…… The cold irony shakes me to the core.I attempt bringing my attention away…Away from her touch. I want to just enjoy myself…And that is where I focus my mind…To the experience of this moment…To truly embrace this glorious moment for nothing more and nothing less than what it is.And I taste it…I sense it for nothing more than a half moment before it’s gone. But, I know now… it’s possible. And that’s when it falls upon me…Embracing love is difficult. And when I make that attempt to try again…Her hand is gone. It's overClick to view: show page on Awesound

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