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76 How to Launch Your Life, Your Business, and Give Back with Jake Hare

Jan. 25, 2017

Imagine for a moment that things were a little different for you in high school…Your dad worked hard to put clothes on your back…And food in your stomach…And, he even dropped you off at school…The only thing was that he had to drop you off early…As in a few hours early…Because he needed to get to work…But here’s the kicker…You had to be dropped off so early because you, your sister, and your dad lived in his car.Jake’s dad worked hard and Jake is grateful for that…He is also grateful for that experience because it taught him what he doesn’t want from life…Jake didn’t want a life below the poverty line…And that time also taught him that he wanted an education…So, every morning before school…With all those hours to kill…He could have gotten into trouble…But he got into sports. And that got him a scholarship.After school… He served in the armed forces…And all of this set the stage… Sculpted the man that Jake is today.I’m so incredibly grateful for this conversation Creators.In life, too often we have to face immense hardship or difficulty…To truly realize the gifts we have and the opportunities in front of us.I know that this is true for me…As much as I wish it wasn’t…But, losing my sight was the greatest gift for me…It helped me begin to see who I really am…The opportunities still in front of me…And the gifts I still possess.It would be up to me to achieve the greatness that I am capable of achieving…And Jake Hare is definitely achieving a life of great things.If you enjoy this conversation… And appreciate what Jake is doing…Do us a favor and share this post right now.You can do it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter with those buttons over there…Or just highlight some text for a quick piece of social sharing magic to happen…Here’s how to get a hold of Jake and his team…Launchpeer.comOn LinkedInOn TwitterUntil we meet againYour Partner in Launching and Creative SuccessTannerClick to view: show page on Awesound

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