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Modern Man Summit

March 10, 2017

What’s up CreatorsI know you’re interested in growing and having a richer, more fulfilled life.Me too…And my friend Armando Cruz recently invited me to do just that…On the Modern Man Summit!That’s important to me… And that’s why I’m focused on continuous growth…If I’m reading a book… Or taking a course… Or attending a conference…In-person or online…And I take away one piece of golden awesomeness…Something that really resonates with me… And I put it into action?That’s a huge win for me…Because I know consistent small steps in the right direction… Build big, tall, powerful legacies.You Ready to Take Action on the Modern Man Virtual Summit?In this Virtual Summit you’ll receive support from 18 top experts about how you can experience:• The biggest obstacles that plague modern man • Success rituals and routines for optimal performance • Neuroscience behind why we fail and the steps to create a winning formula• Leveragable strategies to amplify your income• Health secrets that give you the consistent edge on your competition• Lifelong connection with your wife and kids• Powerful breakthrough strategies from men that have been through hell and back • And so much more!Whether you listen to some or all of these speakers…You just need one victory…One piece of gold that you put into action every single day…Who knows which of the 18 speakers will resonate with you?Click here to register nowYour Partner in Small Victories & Creative SuccessTannerP.S. The Summit starts March 13th… So head on over now and claim your spot…Click to view: show page on Awesound

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