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80 Discover Your Talent 18 Below Normalcy with Don Hutcheson

March 13, 2017

I’ve got a secret to share with you…I interview others for two big reasons… First, to share their greatness with creators like you.To bring their passion, their lives, their wisdom, their journey to you… To the world.That’s the obvious part that isn’t such a secret…The other reason… Is a secret.I want to get close to them…I want to learn from them…I want to build a relationship with them…And I hope… I deeply, devoutly, desperately hope…That some of them rubs off onto me…So I can better serve you.The man on the line with us today embodies one of these individuals.I stare at him with awe…Not just because of his insanely successful career that spans decades…Not just because he served our country…Not just because his heart beats entrepreneur…But also because of his self-awareness… And his courage to go after it.His awareness of knowing language is the channel that speaks loudest to him…And that courage to commit to that thing…Not the thing that’s the norm… Or what someone told him to do…But the thing inside that spoke to him.And it’s still speaks to him today.Sometimes we have a different voice inside of us…It’s above the heart though.It’s between our ears…It’s that voice that sounds just like you…But it isn’t.It’s the “voice of reason.”It’s the voice of limitation…It’s the voice that has guided so many of us… Me included…To turn our backs on our hearts…And fall into monotonous traps of normalcy.Interestingly, just about 18” beneath normalcy…Greatness awaits.Let Don Hutcheson help guide you to that buried treasure.You Ready?Connect with Don Hutcheson & The Discover Your Talent PodcastDiscoverYourTalentPodcast.comClick to view: show page on Awesound

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