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81 Wise Words from a Modern Man

March 15, 2017

CreativeSuccessShow.com/mmsHave you ever surfed during a hurricane?Or used hurricane winds to skate down the street with a homemade parasail?That’s how wild South Beach can be…But you’ve also got to be a little wild yourself…To even step outside with a hurricane beating down on your town like that!Interestingly enough…Both of these experiences happened because of a father son relationship…The man lucky enough to have a father like that is on the line with us today.Creators meet Armando CruzAnother reason I wanted him here is because of how he pushes himself…He pushes himself way outside his comfort zone…And I have to tell you about his crazy New Year’s ritual.This is just one of the stories he shares with us on this episode… But…When everyone is still sleeping on New Year’s…And many hobbling or taking an Oober home…He’s running…Running the streets of Miami.He doesn’t have a set distance that he runs…Like a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon…He runs well beyond those typical distances.Because he runs for 6 hours straight.6 hours straight?Why the hell would anyone do that?Because it’s uncomfortable.As he describes…It pushes him to the limits…And when he’s there…Running beyond the edge of comfort…It sets the tone for the rest of the year.He knows things get tough.In life… With family… And business.And he’s got all three to work on.He’s a doctor of physical therapy and owns his own gym in Miami.He’s got kids and a beautiful, supportive wife.But that’s not enough.He’s pushing himself to do more, to be more, become more, and serve more…So he’s launching.He’s mid-launch right now for the Modern Man Summit.We get into that at the end of the call…But it’s a free, online event designed for men who want more from life.Who want more confidence, skills, ability, streams of income, and stronger relationships.After you’re done listening to today’s episode…Be sure to check out the Modern Man Summit…And be sure to tell Armando who sent you.To becoming a Modern ManCreativeSuccessShow.com/mms Click to view: show page on Awesound

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