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82 How to Turn the Knob of Leadership and Your Life with Josh Spodek

March 21, 2017

Think about something with me for a moment…And as long as you’re not currently operating heavy machinery…Close your eyes.What’s in your life right now that you don’t love?Anything you don’t like doing… Or maybe hate doing?Mentally, imagine a rain shower head above you…My brother has this amazing 4 shower head walk-in shower that’s the inspiration for this visualization…And what if as the water falls down upon you…All that stuff washed away?What if, just by simply turning a couple knobs… You could change your experience just like that?You’d probably have a lot of room, space, and time to think about and do the things you really want to do.The things that you’d probably accomplish… If that other crap wasn’t mucking it up…Like being a bestselling author…Running marathons… Or even swimming across a river…As the warm water washes away the things you don’t want…You envision being a collegiate professor …Or an artist with your work being displayed in museums, galleries, and even winning awards for it.Some of you are helping build satellites… Working with NASA… As an astrophysicist…Or, you left your job to bring your invention to market… Getting patents along the way… And now it’s being used across 4 continents!Then you reach forward… Turn the knob to the right… And you wipe the water from your eyes.Is this just a vision of grandeur?Would any one of these be impossible for you?Or is that just you choosing to limit what’s possible for you?Maybe it is…As these are accomplishments anyone would be happy to have on their resume…Let’s go a step further.What if… What if you accomplished all these things?Every single one of them…Just you. 1 woman. 1 man…When I was introduced to Josh Spodek… I was excited.Incredibly excited… Because he reminded me of the thing I learned from Dr. Jim Afremow.If you can spot greatness… Then you’ve got greatness inside of you as well.We all do. We all have greatness inside each one of us.And as Josh says… The trick to achieve it is simple.The 1 trick behind him being able to say he’s done all of the aforementioned achievements…Isn’t a trick at all. It’s simple.And it’s best represented in a single two-letter word.DoJust keep doing. Doing and pursuing what it is that you want to be great at.It can’t be that simple though… I refuse to believe it!I’ve tried and tried.Well maybe… That’s the problem.You’re just trying.You’re trying to be successful instead of just doing.If you want to publish a book…Then write.If you want to get your Doctorate in astrophysics or your Master’s in Business…(BTW Josh has both as well as multiple other degrees from Ivy League schools)Enroll.If you want to be a painter…Paint.If you want to eat better, live healthier, and lose weight…Cook.If you want to complete a marathon…Run.The limitations we put on ourselves as humans are incredibly suppressive, oppressive, and depressing.You, me, and most of us come from a place of fear…When we should just come from a place of courage.Having the courage to write that first word…The courage to go to school…(I’m doing this personally right now… Full-Time!)The courage to cook, paint, or to take that first step.When you come from courage…You arrive.You arrive at understanding…The understanding that living life isn’t about going through the motions like you’re a sleep-walking ambienized being…But that the best and only way to live life is through living it.So… Turn the knob…And wash away those words and perceptions of limitation that you’ve been told…That you’ve been sold…And that you’ve adopted as your own.You are meant for more…If you can spot greatness…You’ve got greatness inside you.And achieving it begins and ends with this.Do.And without any further ado…Allow me to introduce my friendAnd author of the only book on leadership that actually helps you become a leader…Dr. Joshua SpodekThe only leadership book with the exercises that actually build Leadership!Leadership StClick to view: show page on Awesound

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