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84 Makin' that Millionaire Museum Moolla with Nick Gray

April 7, 2017

It’s a bird… It’s a plane!Nope… It’s T-dough on the Creative Success Show.I want to kick it off with a question…Wanna go to the museum?I know you do… It’s going to be epic!Probably not… Museums are boring.Except for those museums that have been hacked…When you see a problem in the market… Fix it.That’s exactly what Nick did…It was worse than he, me, or anyone thought.But what does that even mean?How do you hack a museum?Like a Renegade…And like a Renegade… Today’s guest has ferociously grown his business.To the tune of over $100,000 in monthly income.In a couple years no less…And we’re going to get to how the fuck you do that via museum tours in a second…But, you can go right to the source, right now, at MuseumHack.comCourage creators…The courage to do… And follow through.Sometimes people are going to think you’re crazy…And haters are always going to hate…But I’d hate it for you if you saw a prob that you didn’t fix.Especially when you can have a lot of fun doing it…And making a mil doing it isn’t so bad either…Next week, I’ve got comedian David Magidoff dropping by… And…He’ll be the first guest on the completely rebranded podcast!So… This will be the last post on here… At least for the foreseeable future…Everything is being consolidated to my personal blog, TannerGers.comIt’s going to be great…My intention is to keep bringing you great content…But I’m focusing all the content I produce into one channel…You may not know that I have 5 websites…Yes, 5 fucking websites…I’m spread too thin…I love all this stuff…But I need to put it all in one place…One central hub for the things that I do.You probably won’t like all of it…I hope you like some of it…But, I’ll be giving nearly all of everything I’ve got away…I love you CreativeSuccessShow…We’re still going to be creators…I’m just doing it on a different channel.Holla at your boy at TannerGers.com Click to view: show page on Awesound

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