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#87 How to Move the Needle and Get Your Goals with Tony Woodall

April 27, 2017

How do you move the needle and get your goals?Is Goal Getting about your relationships?Is getting your goal dependent on having the right mentor?Moving the needle in you getting your goals is simpler than it seems…At least it’s simpler than I make it out to be for myself…I should be taking my own advice here…And I’m sure there will be multiple things I should heed by the end of this post…But don’t get me wrong…Relationships are important.Mentors and coaches are important.Clearly defining and establishing your goal is also important.But, it gets down to one thing…Doing One Thing!The one action step, the next step, to make progress toward your goal.Like actually completing that Facebook ads course you purchased 6 months ago…Reading that leadership book and applying its principles…(BTW, this is the best book on Leadership I’ve ever read…)Stop all the BS and…Do. Act. Execute.Never mistake motion for action – Ernest HemmingwayBecause going through the motions isn’t how you accomplish goals…And that’s why knowledge isn’t your secret power… Knowledge is worthless.Unless you take action on it.So finish that book, launch that pod, and get after your goals!It begins with establishing your action plan…Which is fundamentally just breaking down your goal into smaller steps…Like the first step in running more effective Facebook ads is…Taking a course on Facebook ads.The first step in getting your book published…Is committing to writing one hundred words a day…And there’s many more steps along the way… But why is action so effective?When you create that plan… Step by step…It takes out the guess work of what’s next…Which makes taking this step that much easier…And the next step… And the next…And that is action with purpose… With direction…That’s not to say that you won’t fail…Hitting road bumps and pot holes along the way…Because you will…Tires pop. Gaskets blow.But, thank god you’re not a tree.You can change directions. You can adapt. You can pivot.And most importantly…You can try again!And if you’re still playing the game…You haven’t lost.Even better…You still have a good chance to win.Today is a new day.End today with a victory.Look at your action plan.Now go…If you don’t know the one step to take…It’s probably time to create a new action plan.And if you need help figuring your goals out…I highly recommend you reaching out to Tony.He’ll help you get there…1 action step at a time.1 goal at a time.Connecting with Tony WoodallGettingGoalsPodcast.comTonyWoodall.comAbout Tanner GersTanner is a keynote speaker, writer, and podcaster who is passionate about self-development, organizational development, and disability advocacy.To inquire about Tanner’s availability to speak at your event, on your podcast, or for media inquiries, please email his booking manager Keli here, or through the website here.Click to view: show page on Awesound

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