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#88 The Humble Journey to the TED and TEDX Talk Begins

May 2, 2017

How do you deliver a great TED talk?No… How do you give the best TED talk?And what the hell is a good TEDX talk?Well, well, well…That’s what I’m sharing today!My first TEDX talk is going down in September…I’m pumped! But, I’m also really nervous about it.Why? Y B S?Y B S myself with this thing? This opportunity?!Great question… And thanks for the reminder…TED talks, and their offspring TEDX talks, are short speeches that share an idea worth spreading…Do you have an idea worth spreading?Then maybe you should consider becoming a TED speaker…The great thing about TED and TEDX is that you don’t need to be a professional speaker to do a TED talk…In fact, TED and TEDX event organizers prefer featuring individuals that are not professional speakers…Because people have the language, the feelings, and the ideas worth spreading…Not just speakers…Professional speaker… Keynote speaker… Or motivational speaker.It doesn’t matter if you’re all or none…We have ideas worth spreading…And, I’m committed to delivering the best TEDX talk I can.This means getting way the fuck outside my comfort zone…And that’s cool… I’m fine with that.Thank god, I’ve got help.Tanner Gers is a keynote speaker, author, and podcaster who is passionate about self-development, organizational development, and disability advocacy.To inquire about Tanner’s availability to speak at your event, on your podcast, or for media inquiries, please email his booking manager Keli here, or through the website here.Keli@TannerGers.comTannerGers.com/Click to view: show page on Awesound

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