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92 Growth, Experience, and Awareness Isnt Linear Just Dont Let Your Wind Get Knocked Out of You

June 13, 2017

Growth isn’t linear…Neither is experience or awareness.Thanks to Teltik.com for sponsoring this episode an offering a tremendous cellular plan for YBSers…Unlimited talk, text, your own mobile hot spot, 0 contracts, and just for $20 per month! Just use Tanner at check out and save every month atTeltik.comWhile many would disagree…One doesn’t precede the other… Or the other…Because there are moments that happen…The moments on your timeline…When growth spurts happen.It’s not if so much… But when…Some of these moments… Happen sooner for a few individuals…Later for others…And never for too many.Sometimes we get caught up in the spider web of details…Of what’s right and wrong…Or what should happen first…But growth isn’t about a chicken or an egg.While too many postulate… And contemplate…Figuring out every which way things could go wrong…A few just decide to cross the road…They Figure it out along the way.As your experience deepens… So does your breath of awareness.And as you invite it all in…The uncertainty… Taking chances… Getting outside your comfort zone…Inhaling it all to the best of your ability…That breath eventually reaches the depths of your lungs…And when it does…An organic jolt of growth might just hit you in the gut.Maybe not this first, second, or 13th time…But I hope you keep breathing.Instinctually you know to breathe…Breathing… Living… Happens…But the depth of your breath…And respective impact created through this lifetime…Varies dramatically from one to another.That’s awareness… That’s life… That’s growth.Remember… You will fall…Because that’s also a part of life…Just don’t let the wind get knocked out of you.If you know someone who needs help with mindset, getting started, or becoming so good they can’t be ignored…Schedule your complimentary coaching session right hereTanner Gers is a professional speaker, author, and advocate for individuals with disabilities.After completely losing all his sight in an auto accident, Tanner graduated college with multiple degrees, started multiple businesses, and became a US Paralympian in 2012. He has published 3 books, serves on the Governor’s council of Arizona, is the Executive Director of My Blind Spot, and speaks for small to large corporate, non-profit, and learning institutions on human capital, choices, and motivation. Tanner is passionate about sharing his story, this message, and inspiring others to choose their greatest possibility.Send all speaking and interview inquiries to Tanner’s assistant at Keli@TannerGers.comClick to view: show page on Awesound

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