The Listeners Club Podcast - The Listeners Club

The Listeners Club Podcast - The Listeners Club

The Listener's club began as an idea between three friends to hold weekly record listening parties, to share records we loved and discuss them over a glass or two of whiskey. Soon, and foolishly, we thought to record our discussions for a podcast. A set of ground rules were developed to make the weekly gatherings more exciting and considered. The rules are: • At the start of the new year, each member picks an album per month, so each week we listen to a different album picked by a different Listener. Artists are not allowed to be repeated throughout the year, but a side project from an artist is allowed. For instance, David Bazan can only be played once but Pedro the Lion or Headphones could also be played. • Each member of the Listeners Club is allowed one veto per year. They can change one album they picked or vote to change another member's album choice. Majority rules in those cases. • Your album, you bring the whiskey. And whiskeys cannot be repeated. Except for our beloved Jameson. We are not music critics; just lovers of music. We want to share the music that has been impacting us and the music that has impacted us for years. We want to celebrate the beauty and the power and the joy of these albums. And we hope you'll join us. Thanks for listening. "To the love of music, to the sounds that move us, to listening in the dark."

Jan. 23, 2018


Dec. 28, 2017

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