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How To Set Yourself Up For A Massively Awesome Life - Honoree Corder

Aug. 3, 2016

Yup, this is a very loaded title. But here's the thing: everything my guest talk about are pieces for a massively awesome life. The tools, practices, mindsets and beliefs she shares, when practiced regularly and with intention, will absolutely set you up for a massively awesome life. Honoree has chosen powerful mentors to help equip her tool belt for life's curveballs.

Read the episode notes for this one, there's a lot in there. If you haven't heard of people like Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins and Hal Elrod, then go check them out. Click the links or Google search them yourself, and see if their messages resonate. They've surely helped millions of people get out of their head and get into living!

So this episode is not about giving you a formula or template. Quite frankly I don't think they exist and I caution any person or source that claims to have the answer. But what Honoree does is give you incredibly powerful tools and beliefs that you can use and try on for yourself, to help you experience life in its full awesomeness!

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What it means to be “mentally in debt”
  • Powerful questions to ask when you’re going through life’s stuff
  • Amazing morning/daily rituals to reduce stress, increase productivity and empower your day


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