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Epic Challenge: Knowing Whether to Move On or Dive In with Larry Nichols

Sept. 7, 2016

Since January 2014 my wife and I have been a part of a weekly accountability group called a Circle Of Influence (COI). A standard part of each COI meeting is to cover one person’s Epic Challenge.

Through sitting in dozens and dozens of Epic Challenges (some of them my own), over the past 2.5 years, I’ve experience just how transformational of a process it can be when a person is willing to explore a stuck area in their lives, open to receiving feedback that’s coming from a loving and honest place, and willing to act (or not) on the feedback to impact their growth.

I wanted to bring the power of the Epic Challenge to more people, and that inspired this brand new series in the podcast where we will be diving into people’s Epic Challenges!

First up is Larry Nichols. Larry is a great friend of mine and a true source of inspiration for me and many others. He has an incredibly big heart and does not hold back on pouring love into everyone he meets, from lifelong friends to strangers on an airplane. He’s just one of those people with an infectious smile that makes you think, “Why is this man so happy??”

In this episode Larry talks with me about his current Epic Challenge, which centers on two things: how his current work aligns with his passions, and his ability to maintain his personal integrity in everything he does.

Larry’s challenge is incredibly relatable to anyone who has questioned their job or the business they are in, and who has searched for meaning behind the work they do.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Larry and I dive into his Epic Challenge to uncover the root of where he’s stuck
  • The feedback Larry received around his Epic Challenge that helped him get unstuck
  • Actions that Larry has taken to create a new experience for himself

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