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How To Melt Your Fears Like Butter

Nov. 2, 2016

I’ve talked about facing fears a number of times on this show.

Most people who have a "self help" type of show probably talk a lot of about fears. And for great reason: Fears keep us from experiencing LOVE in life.

You can boil your decisions down to a choice between fear and love, and that includes your decision on how and who to BE in life.

So yes, fear is worth talking about!

Today I’m sharing with you a powerful new way to look at your fears, and what it takes to overcome them, that gave me one of those "mind = blown" moments when it was told to me.

This new paradigm around overcoming fears was shared with me by my coach, Day Adeogba, and has completely shifted how I think about and step into fears in my own life.

Chew on this:

“Fear is like butter, and courage is like fire.”

What does this mean? Well, I’m unpacking this powerful statement in today’s episode.

What you’ll hear in the episode.

  • The meaning of the phrase “Fear is like butter, and courage is like fire”.
  • A very personal example of me applying that wisdom
  • How to truly dissolve fears (and not repeat them)

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