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7 Thoughts On Gratitude You Haven't Heard Before

Nov. 24, 2016

In this episode I'm talking all about Gratitude. I'm giving you 7 things you probably haven't heard before about gratitude. We're talking about gratitude in your personal finances, tools for helping you form a gratitude habit, how gratitude can improve your relationships, the power of gratitude to totally flip your mood, how we feel more gratitude for experiences rather than things, and why gratitude in conflict is more powerful than forgiveness or acceptance.

I used a few resources to create the list for this episode and I'm going to post them all in the show notes at www.FiresideNetwork.com. Just go there, select this show from the Shows list, and click on today's episode.

  If you have some tips, thoughts or stories on gratitude, I'd love to hear them. Reach me on my personal email address at [email protected]   I'd particularly love to hear how you've cultivated a regular gratitude habit into your life. If you send me your tips I'll do a follow up to this episode where I share them on air.

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