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QUICK FIX: What Games Are You Winning At?

Jan. 10, 2017

I 100% believe that you are a winner!

I'm not talking about in the blow smoke up your ass self help type of way.

You are winning at the games you're choosing to play in life.

Some of us are playing the game of VICTIM, others are playing the game of being BROKE, others are playing the game of NOT VALUING THEMSELVES.

What games are you winning at in life?

---- Rough Transcript ----

  I watched the College Football National Championship game last night between Clemson and Alabama. Great game, had everything you want in sports: drama, great plays, last minute heroics. Half of the players and fans enjoyed the outcome of the game, half hated it. Reminded me that we are all winning at the games we're playing in life. Here are some common games that we play:
  • Playing the game of being led by your emotions - There are much bigger games than your emotions. But when you don't see it that way, people show up in your life to ride the emotional roller coaster with you, or to turn that roller coaster into high gear.
  • Playing the game of “I ain’t got no power, no influence, no voice, no impact”
  • Playing the game of being an overworked mom
  • Playing the game of being under-appreciated - People don’t value you. You don’t matter. YOU don’t value you.
  • Playing the game of being the victim
  I’ve certainly won at that game.  In my past, I’ve won at the game of “Life doesn’t want me to experience massive joy” I’ve won at the game of “You’re not smart enough, strong enough, clever enough, sexy enough to have the life you want” I’ve won at the game of “You will never experience the abundance that you seek” I’ve certainly won those games. But you know what, someone else can keep those trophies because I’m through with that!   These days I’m playing different games:
  • Playing the game of Self Mastery
  • Playing the game of personal greatness
  • Playing the game of positively impacting everyone you contact
  SO what games are YOU winning at? And are you enjoying the spoils of your triumphs? If not, why the hell are you still playing them?

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