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QUICK FIX: Learn To Love Life's Hardships

Jan. 26, 2017

In today's quick fix I let you know why you need to learn to love and get excited about life's hardships

--- Rough episode transcript ---

If you’re listening to this podcast then I know that you’re into improving yourself and truly stepping into your badassness, and I can bet that you’ve been practicing.   Maybe it’s meditating or journaling or being grateful or facing your fears or practicing humility.   Whatever it is, this message for you.    WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN IN LIFE, WHICH HAPPENS AND WILL NEVER STOP HAPPENING UNTIL YOU’RE DEAD, YOU NEED TO BE PSYCHED ABOUT IT!   Hear me out.   You’ve been doing all of these things to improve yourself. You’ve been finding your strength, uncovering your gifts, revealing your mission and purpose. You’ve been practicing getting organized and being compassionate and having courage. You’ve been listening to podcasts and reading books and attending retreats and buying courses.   All of these things have been your training, and none of it matters when life is going smoothly.   When life is great and everything is working out in your favor and the tides are rising, you’re not asked to be courageous and humble and intelligent and mature.    It’s only when shit goes south, when life smacks you in the face with circumstances, that your training is put to the test.   So, you have to start relating to life’s circumstances as GAME TIME! Seriously. When you create a fender bender on the way to work, or your kitchen floods, or your kid does something dumb and gets arrested, or your baby won’t stop crying, or your partner is withholding love — THAT is when you will really get a chance to see how far you’ve come. It’s in those moments that all the reps you’ve put in reading and meditating and working on yourself matter.    Because when you’re able to respond differently to a situation that you’ve responded to the same way your whole life, you’ve just won and you’ve stepped your game up just a little bit.   So get excited when things go south, because it’s in these moments when you actually have an opportunity to grow.    As I say all the time, HAVING IT ALL is about your relationship to life and what it serves up, so next time you’re presented with a circumstance that sucks, remember that’s it’s an opportunity to grow into a greater version of yourself.    That’s it for today.   Check out the show notes for this episode for links to the music. You can find them at Fireside Network.com.    Keep the emails coming. I appreciate them. You can hit me up at mattcbivens@gmail.com.   If you got something from today’s episode then I’d really appreciate a review on iTunes. Just search “Having it all” and you’ll find it.   And I’m out!  

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