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Be Aware Of How Your Thoughts Impact Your Performance

Feb. 16, 2017

In this episode I'm giving two examples of how your thinking impacts your ability to perform. I talk about the consequences on your body of holding loving and empowering thoughts versus fearful and scarce thoughts. And I challenge you to become more aware of the individual thoughts you choose to hold and replay in your mind that are influencing how you feel about yourself, others and life. 

Your thoughts have a huge impact on how you show up in life physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. The conversations you have in your head, the beliefs you hold about yourself, others and life, all impact your ability to perform. 

My examples today both come from the local gym I'm a member of, and I think gyms are a great place to illustrate the power of your thinking. In a gym, when stress is being applied to our bodies, we are presented with fantastic circumstances to become aware of our thinking and to experience the consequences of those thoughts.

If you hold negative, disempowering thoughts while you're body is under physical stress, you will most likely break under the pressure. In a gym this looks like not making it through an exercise, dropping the weights, screaming breathlessly. But when we hold empowering, loving thoughts, we're able to more easily tap into flow and stay in our power. If you haven't experienced it yourself then simply walk into a gym and observe the people around you. You will see many examples of people's minds dictating their output. 

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