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The 5 W's Of Radical Self Awareness

April 21, 2017

In this episode I'm giving you the 5 W's of radical self awareness. Each of the 5 W's will give you questions to ponder about your life: the people you surround yourself with, the environments you place yourself in, the path that you're currently on, the destination you want to make it to, the catalysts that will inspire you to leave your safety net. 

Now, the credit for this episode has to be given to listener Benjamin Foley. Benjamin reached out to me via email this week and we started a dialogue. I quickly learned that Benjamin has a similar beliefs about health and happiness, and we share a unique relationship to fear and anxiety -- we lean into them. 

I also learned that Benjamin is a great writer and shares his thoughts on his blog. That's where I found the article which inspired this podcast episode. That article is called "Advice On Anxiety No One Tells You" (link below). 

In this episode you'll get some great tools for introspection that are guaranteed to help you realign your life to healing and love. It takes courage to do this kind of work, but I know you're just the bold person to do it! 

Notes from this episode:


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