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Learning How to Choose Happiness and Create The Life You Want with Heather Gray (rebroadcast)

May 21, 2017

Today's episode is a rebroadcast of an amazing conversation I had with Heather Gray. The original podcast episode is titled "Learning How to Choose Happiness and Create The Life You Want".

There’s a fundamental belief that separates the people who feel like they have it all from the people who don’t, and that’s the belief that you have the power to CHOOSE.

It’s all about CHOICE. That’s the difference maker.

People who feel in their heart and soul that they have it all, have made a conscious choice to feel that way. They’ve literally decided that they can have it all in life, and subsequent choices aligned with the core belief.

My guest today is a powerful example and evangelist of that belief!

Heather Gray’s business name says it all: Choose To Have It All. Sounds sort of familiar, huh?

Heather is an executive coach, working with entrepreneurs and business leaders who have achieved that EXTERNAL success - you know, the great career, fat bank account, titles behind their name, but that success has come at the expense of their internal well being. What Heather does is she helps them have the lifestyle and wealth that they want, but also the personal fulfillment that they truly desire.

If you’ve read Stephen Covey’s landmark book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, then you may remember that Habit #1 is “Be Proactive”, and that the essence of that habit (the major takeaway) is CHOICE. Proactive people are aware of their ability to choose: choose their response to circumstances, choose their relationship to themselves, others and life, and choose their level of joy and peace in life.

That’s the recurring theme in my conversation with Heather.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How to tap into your previous experience to find strength and add to your personal toolbox
  • Why you sometimes have to “embrace the suck” in order to move forward
  • How to show compassion and empathy in the face of someone else’s struggle

Powerful quotes

You have to choose your own happy!

Notes from this episode:


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