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A Powerful Method For Changing Your Relationship Towards Stress - How To Learn To Love Stress Through Exercise

Nov. 16, 2017

In today's episode I'm sharing a way for you to learn how to change your relationship towards stress. If you're used to feeling stressed out with ish hits the fan, and you have been unable to shift that feeling, then tune in! I'm going to share with you how you can use exercise to learn how to deal with stress more effectively.

This isn't a science based episode where I talk about endorphins and hormones and all of the benefits of working out. Instead, I'm providing a new paradigm to view exercise and life's stressors. I've used this method on myself and dozens and dozens of people I've worked with. 

When you view exercise as acute or chronic stress, and realize that the way in which your body handles exercise stress is the same way your body handles other life stressors, you realize that each time you step into the gym you have an opportunity to change how you relate to the idea of "being stressed". It's a powerful mental shift that results in you being more calm and more composed when throws stress in your direction. 


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