A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects

Episode 10 — A Baldric Buckle

June 2, 2016

Buckle up! This week we look at an early 19th century military buckle from the Cabrits on Dominica, AKA the Gibraltar of the Caribbean, the Unfortunate Garrison or the Black Garrison. Why was this fortress known by the latter name? And why was an ornament of the West India Regiment left in a wattle and daub structure in the vicinity of this mighty fortress, together with a needle, glass bottles, French crockery and some other assorted finds? Fortunately, Alice and Angus are joined by Zachary Beier who found this object and the answers to our questions. Want to learn something about the surprising military and social history this object was witness to? Listen to this week’s episode of A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects! P.S. A HotC in 100 Objects will be moving to a bi-weekly release schedule for the summer months. We are planning to be back with a weekly release schedule in September.

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