Made For This

Sharing the Spotlight

Dec. 21, 2016

Is it possible that sharing the spotlight can actually help you in your journey? What if lifting others up was the key to discovering and doing what you’re made for? And more than that, what if it was the key to changing this world? If helping someone else on their journey makes such a big difference all around, why are we so hesitant to have that conversation or ask that question or offer a new opportunity or invite others into our lives? On this episode, Ben Bartosik and I (Alex Street) discuss the importance of expanding our resources, sharing our spotlight, and finding help from unlikely people. This whole podcast has been about discovering and doing what YOU are made for, which in all honesty, can turn into an unfortunately lonesome journey. Today, we want to encourage you to build your community, bring others in by lifting up what they’re doing through your platform of influence. Ask the person you’ve respected for years to go out for coffee, ask someone you see great potential in out for lunch, expand your network, share what you have and change this journey for everyone. Do I believe there is another way possible? Yes, I absolutely do, and if we begin to live as if what I have is for the sake of others it could change everything. Community matters, so find your tribe. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.