Made For This

How To: Crush Your Inner Critic (part 1)

Feb. 5, 2019

What does your inner critic sound like?  Does it tell you you’re not smart enough to do this? Does is highlight the risk involved in everything? Does is compare you to others? Does is remind you of your failures? Whatever it is saying to you, we know that it’s holding you back from doing what you’re made for! Today’s conversation is hyper-focused, homing in on one pin point strategy that I think will bring immense value to you as you try to do the things you’re made to do in this life.  Stephanie is going to help us identify and silence your inner critic. You know, that voice that speaks up just when something exciting or new is about to happen in your life? Just when you’re going to take a step, quit the job, start the job, ask her out, go back to the gym, or hit record - the inner critic loves to speak up at these moments reminding you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, good looking, strong, or creative enough to do this thing.  “If we actually said these things to our best friends, it would be horrifying.” This episode packs a whole lot into it, and Stephanie doesn’t hold back as she uses me to work through her material. I get real here and explore my inner critic, letting you in to what’s really going on in my mind - of course, as you hear my effort to work through this, you will be encouraged to do the same work so you can finally crush that critic and do what you should be doing. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.