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How to: Understand the Enneagram with Beth McCord (p2)

April 18, 2019

So you’ve figured out your Enneagram type, but now what? How does this really help me in the real world? Should I go for certain types of jobs because of my Type? In the first half of our conversation Beth McCord helped us understand the up front details making each of the nine Enneagram types unique. It was a whirlwind, but so helpful as you enter this process of discovery. In today’s conversation, I ask Beth what to do with all of that? If I am able to clearly identify my type, what’s the next step? When I figure out that I am an Investigative Thinker (or, type 5), how will that affect my relationships? How will knowing that I am a Protective Challenger (type 8) really help me with my team at work? And what if I think I’m actually two or three types all lumped into one, is that possible? Beth is an expert on the Enneagram and graciously dives right into any question I have. This is going to be really valuable for you, as we try to spend some time on the practical presence of all the types on the Enneagram. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.