Made For This

Nurture Your Nature

Sept. 13, 2019

How would your life change if you pushed passed the nature and began to nurture what matters most right now? Today we’re going to dive into the importance of learning, perseverance, and development, I’m going to give you two clear steps to take to clarify your journey, and it all begins with my grade 6 track and field meet. I could run fast, that came naturally to me. Just like acting, and being a pastor, and coaching, and parenting all come pretty easy to me. These are natural skills and passions I have. You have some skills that come naturally to you. You have done these things as long as you can remember, you have moved through life using what you have and getting by. But here’s where the innate, the in nature, the natural skills we have can bite us in the butt. They give us a false sense of success and security. Your work has been fine, your family is fine, your health is fine. And typically our world is fine with fine. I’m not fine with fine anymore. It’s time to break through the nature, and truly nurture some specific skills and practices so you can thrive in the place you're made to be right now. *Success is found when you nurture what comes naturally.* neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.