Made For This

How to Clarify Your Brand with Jared Henriques

Sept. 24, 2019

Do you know who you’re selling to? Are you clear on your messaging? How much can your branding really influence how successful you are? Jared Henriques, the founder and Chief Strategist at Renga, a brand therapy resource helping startups, entrepreneurs, and long-existing businesses get clear on their message to truly stand out and be successful. Jared has been on the show before. We went into his story of discovering what he’s made for and starting out the business he’ll be talking about today. For that conversation go back to episode 33. Today, we’ll hear a little bit about what has transpired over the last 2 years, as Renga went from concept to reality and is now humming along with a growing team working together. In our conversation today, Jared is helping us out as a branding expert - to bring us absolute gold as we struggle to get clear on our purpose and message - both as a person and as a business. If you are working for an organization, you are starting your own business, or you are just trying to be more clear on your personal LinkedIn bio, Jared is here to help you narrow your focus and connect with the right people, so you and your teams can thrive. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.