Made For This

Mack & Abby Are Made to Grow Good Food

Oct. 22, 2019

Mack and Abby McRuer, owners of Sage & Shepherd Farm, a pasture-raised, regenerative farm is in Ontario. They are learning as they go, eating what they grow, and spreading a message of conscious food production one sheep at a time. Mack and Abby met when he was a musician and she was a landscape designer. They discovered they’re shared passion for sustainable living and just a few years into their marriage they are first generation farmers with a rapidly expanding business. These young Millennials are not living the typical story. They are pushing back against the system, one pasture-raised lamb at a time. With dreams of growing the business, sharing great food, and providing another option to our fast food culture. They are well-educated, passionate about the cause. In our conversation today, we get into what led the McRuer’s to buy a farm, what is wrong with the food industry today, and the difficulties of living off the land while making a change and trying to make a profit. They are clear on their mission, wanting to not only live on a farm and produce their own food but also build a business and make a living from their livestock. Mack and Abby have fallen in love with not only being a part of a new farming culture, but also the life of working long hours on your own land, building their own home and life each day. They will inspire you to make a difference where you are, and start with what you care about most. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.