Made For This

R.T. Custer is Made to Make History

Nov. 12, 2019

RT says it himself, he wasn’t a ‘watch guy’ until he started a watch company. He likes to solve problems, and loves a good story. With Vortic Watches his team is able to preserve American history by collect and restoring pocket watches that are decades old creating something new with them. - Episode Summary - In some ways RT is pushing against the norms of culture today which looks for something new, something digital, and something quick. With Vortic, he is being intentional on finding pocket watches that tell a story, building one watch per day, and getting them on the wrists of people that appreciate being a part of history. This episode isn’t all about watches though, this is about how to build a thriving physical-product-based business in a fast-paced digital world. - Why You’ll Care - RT is living through all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and with an attitude of ‘just going for it and seeing what happens’ he and his team have built a rapidly growing company that is serving a niche market with a brilliant product. If you have any interest in starting a business, or watches, or creating a product and learning how to market it well - you’re going to love this conversation. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.