Made For This

April Burrows is Made to Discover Your Brilliance

Nov. 21, 2019

She grew up in an entrepreneurial home, worked as a florist, ran a cleaning company, and worked in a management position, and spiritual direction. It’s always been about the people and the opportunities to create for April, more than the work itself. Now being in her role with Flow Office Wisdom, she has all the opportunities in front of her to help people create their own futures in their leadership and not-for-profit work. - Episode Hook - She’s helping the visionary leader get clear on what the next step is and begin to actually take that step. April as the chief dot-connector at Flow Office Wisdom, listening to the vision and ideas of small businesses and working with a team of plan producers to set the next steps in front of them. - Why You’ll Care - You’re going to love April’s story - especially the part where she talks about a major part of her career path sparking from one email sent to 50 people. There’s hope, discovery, patience, and joy found in the process of April’s story as she has done what she’s made for all along the way. She helps remind us about the importance of being aligned with your own purpose, being abundantly clear on what you need to do in this world, and stepping into where you fit best. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.