Made For This

Jordan Taylor is Made to Enjoy the Process

Dec. 17, 2019

“The process is the destination, because all you ever get is process." // Are you ever going to slow down or actually land in a long term career? Is THIS difficult experience really going to be beneficial in any way? What is the real usefulness of the Myers Briggs personality test? // We talk about his journey, the joy of discovery, and what Jordan would say to his 20 year old self. This episode is all about the story, this is a story you’re going to find your story somewhere within. Jordan, as a life coach, has a gift in calling out what’s real in this life, and we have a fun back and forth chat. Jordan is a certified Myers-Briggs coach (MBTI Practitioner), so I took a good chunk of time in this conversation to get him to explain this personality assessment on an expert level and help us all understand ourselves a little bit better. // He’s been all around the world, through all kinds of jobs, and through it all has learned to enjoy the process. His journey is bumpy, unexpected, and full of small adventures, and a ton of different work opportunities. Through it all, his faith in God and his own purpose in this world has carried him and his family to this place of doing what he’s made for. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.