Made For This

Jordan Schellenberg is Still Made to Be a Youth Worker

Dec. 31, 2019

“A dream will remain a dream unless there’s a plan around it.” // How do you make the shift from doing it all to leading the team? What’s it really like to run an organization focused on an ever-changing demographic? And what is the most important aspect to focus on as a leader? // The last time Jordan was on the show was all the way back on Episode 8. He was one of my first guests because I knew him as a friend and I knew he was stepping into a call bigger than himself. At that point, we talked about how Youth One moved from dream to reality, and the wild ride of finding the funds, location, and team necessary to launch a Youth Centre. Since then Youth One has only been growing. Now Jordan is learning how to lead a team, how to manage a vision for the future of an organization, and how to keep helping young people find a place of belonging. // You’re going to love this conversation if you are passionate about helping the next generation, or you are in a role you didn’t necessarily expect to be in a few years ago, or if you’re struggling with finding the main focus again for the dreams and goals you once saw so clearly. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.