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Alternating Current #64 - SweatPants - Owner of Halycon Elite!

Aug. 10, 2017

The Alternating Current podcast is back this week with special guest SweatPants - Owner of Halycon Elite. Some of the topics we discussed this week was us being LIVE in Austin, TX as well as his thoughts about Vainglory overall and his thoughts on the tournament that was held. Thank you to EZL League, and our other sponsors at Twitch, VGMiner, GlomTom, and Band. You can support the Alternating Current podcast at You can email the show at [email protected], follow the live show at, and find the vods at or on soundcloud at AC Podcast Show Notes: Talking Pro Vainglory - 2.6 & More! Ft. SweatPants - Owner of Halycon Elite. 07/26/2017 YouTube of #64! ► SoundCloud of #64! ► Sponsors: Halycon Elite @HalcyonElite on Twitter VGMiner @vg_miner on Twitter Interview with SweatPants. Austin has been very Austin in terms of everything that has gone on so far, on my way down to TX I actually had fried my phone by leaving it out in the sun while charging but he still was awesome and allowed me to do my job as an annalist and the event was small but the crowd for the tournament online was over 300 watching with TSM taking the 2.5K prize. You can find all his links right here: SweatPants. Twitter: @Jaustinbutler Twitter: @HalyconElite Facebook: /HalcyonElite News 2.6 PATCH NOTES! - "Forum user Colton creates an illustration of the 5v5 map based on Midsummer Dev Update video footage" - Patch 2.6 Changes NEW HERO: GRACE Balance Changes - Make sure to check the 2.6 patch notes! Items NO NEW ITEMS Skins ‘RIDE OR DIE’ SKYE (LEGENDARY) ‘EVOLUTION’ SAMUEL (EPIC) ‘DEATHLESS’ REIM (RARE) ‘SCHOOL DAYS’ KOSHKA (RARE) Other Changes Any other changes that happened in 2.6 can be found at this link: Esports Congrats to TSM for winning the 2,500$ CASH prize at the HESI! Emails Send your emails to [email protected] We will take a few emails from everyone and answer them on the show! To everyone that has donated their time and money to this podcast on Twitch, you are amazing as always! You can find me again at all these AWESOME Social Links! Follow me on Twitter ► Sub on Twitch ► Subscribe on Youtube! ► Catch me live on ► Catch this podcast also on SoundCloud! ► Catch this podcast also on Itunes! ► neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.