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024 - 5 Ways to Generate Podcast Topic Ideas

Aug. 9, 2016

Whether you’re podcasting everyday or once a month, you may find yourself wonder what they heck you’re going to talk about next. Don’t panic. Even the pros go through this.

What I’ve learned from some of the best producers in the radio biz is that there’s always an idea out there. It might not be a new idea but there’s always a way to make it fresh. And, inspiration is out there if you know where to look.

In this episode I give you 5 great ways to pull amazing show topics out of your butt. And, if your butt isn’t performing magic, then I tell you a few other places to look - like your old shows, your influencers and social media channels and (prepare for a shocking revelation) the outside world.

What makes coming up with show ideas so challenging is we get into ruts. If we have interview shows, it might be that we get lazy and just book anyone who asks to be on the show or the first one to say yes. It might be that we feel like something worked really well, so we just do more of the same (until we’re so sick of the same we’re ready to quit!)

Here’s the biggest secret. Getting out of our ruts isn’t just easy - it’s fun. And, your listeners will love you for it.

So, whether you’re in a slump now, you’ve ever been in a slump or you’re a human being (we all get into slumps at some point), check out this episode. Make sure to bookmark it for later so you can come back to it when that idea well runs dry.

P.S. You don’t even need to be in a slump to get value out of these tips on finding inspiration for amazing show topics. Check out tip #3 which is key to improving your engagement with your audience!

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