Just the Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

025 How to Handle Sponsorships Successfully

Aug. 16, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve got your first sponsor. Before you start dancing all the way to the bank, you better make sure you’re handling it right or you’ll lose your listeners and your sponsor quick.

Here’s the deal. Sponsors want to work with you because you’ve got an adoring audience. And you have that audience ecause you’ve been paying attention to all of my tips and your podcast is spectacularly listener-centric.

So, how can you stay listener-centric (and keep your hard-earned, loyal fans) BUT also make some ka-ching. YES! But it takes work and some cajones. You’re going to have to stand up to your sponsor and demand that they respect your relationship with your listener. That might even mean saying ‘no thanks’ to a sponsor (and their giant bag of money).

We don’t want that! This episode is all about how to find that perfect balance. When to include your sponsor mentions so they are least disruptive and how to create great content for your sponsors so they benefit and you audience does too.

It’s all about keeping everyone happy. Follow my tips and you’ll be sounding like a pro, gaining more podcast fans and taking cheques to the bank from happy sponsors!

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