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027 Get More Personal in Your Podcast

Aug. 30, 2016

It’s time to stop being a disembodied voice and open up to your podcast audience. Jump on the sharing train and let your listeners get to know you a little.

Think about your favorite podcasters. What do you know about them? I mean, beyond the name of their podcast or their expertise? What do you know about them, personally? I bet you came up with something. And that’s because good podcasters know that listeners become fans when they feel a connection. When they feel like the host is a buddy of theirs.

That’s why it’s important to share a little bit about yourself in your podcast. I’m not suggesting that you have to give everyone your life story but drop a few random facts in when they’re relevant. Work in that time as a kid that you dropped a peanut butter sandwich in the sandbox and ate it anyway as an example of your early commitment to doing what it takes to get what you want. Or, that you discovered your high level of risk when you went cliff diving while vacationing in Bosnia. These are not actual facts, but you have to admit - for a minute there, you were thinking I was describing a pretty interesting dude!

Sharing is the key to making a real connection with your audience. In this episode, I explain the best way to do this. I also go over what not to do when it comes to sharing personal details in your podcast. Oh, and I disclose what I wear while podcasting (bet you can’t guess…)

Have a listen and then hit me up on Facebook and tell me one thing you are going to share with your audience in your next podcast.

If you want a reminder to share a little something in each podcast - download my SHARE poster to up in front of your mic. It comes with a few other reminder posters and my 25 point pre-record checklist. Get it here - I’m happy to share it with you for free. Why? Because I care, dammit.

EXCERPT for post (just reminder for Tim)

Are your downloads not translating into engaged and raving fans? Maybe it’s time you shared a little more of yourself. In this episode, I explain why sharing personal details is the key to turning listeners into fans.

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