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028 Five Mistakes Podcasters Make Before Hitting Record

Sept. 6, 2016

It’s all in the lead up. Great athletes know this. Successful business people know this. And you, fine podcaster, should know it too. Having a good pre-record routine is the key to setting yourself (and your show) up for success.

If you’re scratching your head and thinking, ‘what am I supposed to be doing before I hit record?’ - fear not, Captain Podcast is here to save the day. In this episode I give you the 5 most common mistakes that podcasters make before they hit record. And, let me tell you - they are not as obvious as remembering to press record! In fact, I’ll bet you’re making at least one of these mistakes. You won’t after this episode.  

These tips (yes, plural - I know I usually only give you one but you’re getting quite the deal in this episode!) are easy to follow and will help you avoid making crappy sounding podcasts. And, as if that’s not enough of a deal - these are just 5 of the items on my Pre-Record Checklist that I refer to before every single podcast to make sure I’m primed and ready to go.

I bet you’d like to get your little grubby hands on that list, wouldn’t you. Alright, alright - calm down. I’ll give it to you. Just click here to get it and I’ll even throw in a few performance posters to keep you on track once you do hit record.

Following a routine and going through your checklist before you start recording is an easy way to sound more like a pro.

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