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029 Why I Talk to One Podcast Listener

Sept. 13, 2016

I say listener instead of listeners - all the time. Maybe you thought I misspoke or , I clipped an ‘s’ in editing. Nope. I did it with pure intention and I think you should too.

I’ve been doing this for years. I do it in my podcast and I do it when I’m on the radio. I talk about my listener to my guest and I address them directly in the singular. Directly - that’s the key word.

Let’s talk about why you feel the need to say listeners (plural). It’s because you want the person listening to think you have this massive audience. And, maybe you do. It doesn’t really matter to that one listener. What matters to them is, well, them. They want to feel like you’re talking to them. Not that you’re addressing a huge crowd.

The name of the game is connection. You want to connect with each and every one of your listeners, right? This little trick is how you can do that.

So, drop the ego. Stop worrying about convincing people you’re talking to a stadium full of people and make the connection with your listener.

Now, if this feels weird, I offer up a few ways you can work it into your script. Eventually you’ll get used to it and talking to your listener will become second nature.

Go ahead and press play, fine listener and let’s get you sounding more like a pro so you can attract more podcast fans.

One on one is where it’s at. That’s exactly why I include a call with every podcast report card I do. Get your podcast critique here, I’ll give it a listen, complete a 40-point report card and then let’s jump on Skype to figure out how you can make your podcast performance rock.

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