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038 How to Make Your Podcast Convert Better

Sept. 5, 2017

Podcasters who are trying to build their brand or grow their sales through their podcast can learn a lot from traditional radio.

Radio stations work endlessly to attract listeners. Once they have them, they work tirelessly to keep them and turn them into loyal listeners. They know that once they have their loyalty and trust, they can ask them to do anything - like buy from their sponsors. Sounds like a great place to be right?

But this is one of the most delicate relationships there is because if you piss them off or break that trust, you’ll lose them for good.

There are only so many radio stations in one market but when it comes to podcasts, there are likely hundreds that can replace yours. All that work and boom, they're gone.

In this podcast, I deliver a template you can follow to best guide your listener though each episode. The format I share has all the parts you need to deliver a listener experience that will not only make them feel taken care of but will have eager for more. All of these part have a specific role to play in helping turn your listener into a fan or customer depending on your goals.

Now, I sometimes get push back on this ‘one size fits all’ so as you listen, keep in mind that each part is flexible and you can get creative inside this structure. And, if you’re NOT doing your podcast for your listener, then, fill your boots. Throw structure out the window - you’re really just doing this for your own satisfaction so get as much as you can.

With these elements in your podcast, executed consistently well, you’ll start converting those listeners into fans and then into loyal customers. From your podcast intro to your show extro (or outro); these 9 parts of a podcast will help you feel more confident about reaching your podcasting goals.

I really get into much more detail in my FREE 25-page ENGAGING PODCAST BLUEPRINT.

I’m sure you can handle it. It’s got great examples and tips on how NOT to execute certain parts. Grab it now: PodcastPerformanceCoach.com/blueprint

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